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2017 - 2018 - 2019 World's Top 100 Clubfitter

International Clubmakers Guild 

2019  US Southeastern  Clubmaker of the Year

Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center

Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer

Certified ACCRA Fitting Center

Certified Taylor Made Fitting Center 

Certified Callaway Golf Fitting Center

Certified Golf  Pride  Grip Fitting  Center

2017 - 2018 - 2019 World's Top 100 Clubfitter

Custom Fitting and Custom Building in House!

Taylor Made Golf, Callaway Golf. Tour Edge Exotics, KZG the #1 Pro Line,  Krank Golf, Vega, Orka, Wishon, Air Force One, ERG, Alpha



Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer and Fitting Center

Since their inception in 1995, Fujikura Composites America has been at the forefront of design and development to produce the world’s best golf shafts.  Our mission is to bring joy to all golfers by improving their game and maximizing their potential.  Discover the difference a Fujikura shaft will make to your golf game.  

Certified ACCRA Custom Fitting Center


ACCRA on Tour

ACCRA has been a leader on PGA Tours around the globe, with multiple wins every season since its introduction on PGA, European PGA, Champions, Nationwide, and LPGA tours. More than 60 wins can be attributed to players using ACCRA shafts on the PGA and Euro PGA Tours since our inception. ACCRA shafts are played and have multiple victories on the LPGA, Champions, NCAA, and at club championships all over the world. But what we are most proud of is the number of $2 Nassaus that have been contested by discerning golfers around the world using ACCRA shafts.

ACCRA’s dedication to Professional Club Fitters is unparalleled. Working exclusively with more than 400 of the world’s best club fitters and club builders, ACCRA accesses this unique knowledge base when designing new products.


Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center

Certified Callaway Custom Fitting Center, Custom Built in House


We Custom Fit and Custom Build Callaway Clubs in House to your unique swing characteristics'  Offering After market shafts!  

“I’m not a good enough salesman to sell a mediocre product,” the founder Ely Callaway once said. So he tasked his company with creating products that are “pleasingly different and demonstrably superior.”

This philosophy led to a long list of clubs and balls that have helped golfers of all skill levels improve the quality of their games; easy-to-hit metalwoods and irons that help you hit longer, straighter shots; high-spinning wedges that help you stop the ball fast; great-rolling putters that help you sink more putts; balls that deliver a variety of combinations of distance, flight characteristics, spin and soft feel.

Creating innovative, high-performance golf equipment is a challenge. It calls for a profound understanding of the game and those who play it. It requires intelligence, imagination and deep R&D resources. Above all, it demands a relentless commitment to be the best.  

Certified Taylor Made Custom Fitting & Custom Build Center


   In an ever-evolving game with ever-evolving players, there are many paths to take to discover your full potential. By the end of your personal fitting, you will have the confidence to completely trust your clubs and execute a variety of shots around the course. Golf is a lifelong journey and we are proud to  custom fit and custom build your next set of Taylor Made Clubs and help you to play to the best of your ability. your clubs to your unque swing characteristic's 

Custom Fit and Custom Built in House to your unique swing characteristics' 



Twist face features revolutionary face curvature that has been engineered to reduce sidespin and deliver straighter shots on off-center strikes.


First, we twisted the face. Now, we've injected it. Speed Injected Twist Face features a revolutionary new process of calibrating every individual head to the threshold of the legal speed limit allowed by the USGA and R&A. With M5, the rest of your foursome doesn't stand a chance... get ready to send it.

Certified Custom Fitting and Building Center for KZG the Number 1 pro line Custom Club



📷KZG is unquestionably the leader in custom golf equipment. By partnering with the top Professional ClubFitters in the world, KZG is able to offer golf equipment that simply cannot be beat.

High grade metals, expert craftsmanship, patented technologies and superior designs all cost money … KZG spares no expense and yet is able to offer demonstrably better performing equipment at prices comparable to off-the-rack prices because KZG advertises the old fashion way … by word of mouth rather than buying the Tour or buying a one-hundred-million-dollar ad campaign.

📷KZG performance is further enhanced through expert fitting and building of clubs to suit the individual golfer. It is unanimous: custom fitted clubs are guaranteed to improve a golfer’s game. KZG sells its products only through Professional ClubFitters who have the skill, integrity and passion to fit a golfer properly.

Most manufacturers offer a few models … ostensibly to fit any golfer, whether a touring professional or a raw beginner. The concept is inconceivable, yet is the norm. KZG offers numerous models to suit the needs of every skill, strength, size, preference or budget of the golfer … doesn’t that make more sense?

Wishon Custom Fitting & Build Center

Wishon Golf Technology


Wishon Golf custom fit golf clubs are available through professional clubmakers globally.

We have established a list of a experienced custom clubmakers who we have personally screened to ensure each golfer will enjoy the custom fitting experience and walk away with custom fit golf clubs that will enable them to play to the best of their ability.

Use the map below to find your nearest Wishon Golf clubfitter now.  Click the Find out more button for Tom Wishon informative videos.

Certified Tour Edge Exotics Custom Fitting & Custom Build Center

Tour Edge Golf

We Custom Fit and Build Tour Edge Exotics, and the new HL4 Tour Edge Hot Launch clubs to fit your unique  swing characteristics.  Quality clubs for players of all skill levels using the finest golf shafts by True Temper, Projext X, Fujikura, ACCRA, KBS and more....

Certified ERG Custom Fitting & Build Center


ERG is a golf manufacturing company that uses the highest quality alloys with innovative technology to ensure a new level of excellence in golf club components. ERG offers a full line of club components designed to fit the professional, top amateur and the beginner golfer. ERG works with top custom club building professionals allowing players of all levels to get their best fit – ERG provides superior golf products at a competitive price. 

Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center

Pin High Enterprises voted 2017 - 2018 - 2019 World's Top 100 Clubfitter. Offering Custom Fitting and Custom Built Golf Clubs.

2017 - 2018 World's Top 100 Clubfitter

We are located in a quiet rural area south of Ocala, set back from the highway where it is quiet and personable  to conduct Custom Fitting on our Private Fitting / Driving range complete with a Sand Bunker.  Professional Golf Club Builder and Builder and Clubfitter, Dick Cicero, has over 20 years experience in Custom Fitting and Custom Building Golf Clubs for Golfers of all Skill level, from Touring Professionals, Low Handicap Golfers, High Handicap Golfers, Beginners, Juniors, and Physically Challenged Golfers.  Custom Fitting using the latest in technology Flight Scope X3 for woods, irons, wedges, putters, Fit Chip Computer software,  Video Swing Analysis, Optimal Flight Ball Fitting software, Odyseey Putter Lab and Tomi Pro Golf Putting Lab

We are honored to have been chosen by Taylor Made to Custom Fit and Custom Build Taylor Made Golf, CALLAWAY, Tour Edge Exotics, KZG The #1 ProLine Custom To Cstom Fit and Custom Build IN HOUSE Thier Clubs.

Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center offering golf shafts by True Temper, Project X, Han

Our Custom Clubs are " Blueprinted", then built to the strictest specifications 

. Using only the BEST Heads, Shafts, and Grips.  Each head is weight sorted to a 7 gram graduate +-0, All Shafts are Spine Aligned, Purred, Profiled and Frequency Matched to the designated head at a 4 cycle per minute graduate +-0 ensuring that our clubs are perfect.

" Quality Exceeds Purpose and Provides Lasting Value "   

We Fit and Build OUR Clubs to "HELP EACH" Individual Golfer To Play To The Best of Thier Ability

Fujikura Certified Charter Dealer

 We offer a complete Line of propritary Custom Fit Custom Built Clubs for players of all Skill Levels.   


About Us

Dick Cicero, Certified Professional Clubfitter and Clubmaker

Dick  began his carer as a clubfitter and clubmaker under the instruction of Tom Wishon of Tom Wishon Technologies Golf , Bill Toton and Bret LIndsy  of Golfsmith in 1995 and continue to be:

Certified GCA Accredited Advance Professional   Clubfitter / Clubmaker

Professional Clubmakers Society Class "A" Clubmaer/ Fitteer

Certified Fujikura Dealer 

Fujikura Certified Charter 2018 Dealer  Custom Fitter  Attended 2018 Training at Fujikura in Vista, California  

Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center

International Clubmaker  Association

Authorized ACCRA Custom Fitter

Authorized Taylor Made Custom Fitting and Custom Builder

Authorized Tour Edge Exotics Custom Fitter Custom Builder 

Swing Science Custom Fitter Custom Builder

Air Force One Custom Fitter Custom Builder

Awarded the Golfsmith Distinguished Clubmaker Award

KZG 2017 Cub Fitter of the Year Award

KZG 2018 Club Fitter of the Year Award

KZG 2019 Club Fitter of the Year Award

2017 World's Top 100 Clubfitter

2018 World's Top 100 Clubfitter

2019 World's Top 100 Clubfitter

2019 International Clubmakers Guild US Southeastern Clubmaker of the Year

Custom Fit & Custom Built In House

 TaylorMade Golf Clubs, KZG The #1 ProLine, Callaway, VEGA, ORKA, Tour Edge, Tour Edge Exotics, Alpha, AIR FORCE ONE by Power Built, ERG,

 Tom Wishon Golf Teechnologies, 

ACCRA Golf Shafts, Fujikura Golf Shafts, 

True Temper Golf Shafts, RIFLE PROJECT X Golf Shafts, Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin, PURE, Super Stroke 

Why by off the Rack or Olnine

When you can be Custom Fit to Your Clubs

Have Your Clubs Custom Built In House

                       To FIT  YOU !!!

With REAL Deal: Shafts Made to the Shaft Companies  Specifications

Built by a Professional Club Builder with 20 Years of Experience, to Tour Player Specifications and Lifetime Warranty!



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