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he Finest cast and Triple Forge irons

Triple Forged Wedges

Forged CNC Milled Putters

Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids

XRS Cast CNC Milled Wedges which FEEL Like Forged and Play Like Forged without the cost of Forged!

We Fit our Wedges with ACCRA or Fujikura Graphite shafts OR for those who Prefer STEEL, we fit our wedges with KBS Wedge shafts, True Temper Dynamic Gold Wedge shafts or Project X LZ Wedge shafts.  ALL Custom Built in House to fit the unique swing characteristics of each Individual Golfer!

These Quality Clubs are only sold as a proprietary Custom Golf Club Fitted and Built by KZG Authorized Clubfitters and Club Builders  of golf equipment.   KZG clubs are a Custom Built  OEM GOLF CLUB.

NEW FOR 2019 



  • Midsize Cavity Back Head
  • Triple Forged and CNC Milled
  • Adjustable weights


The Tri Tour is the absolute ultimate golf club for custom club fitting.

With three movable weights and four weight options you can make the golf club lighter, heavier, more forgiving, more workable or shift the weights to help produce a preferred ball flight. This is KZG’s most versatile iron and will be a great fit for any level of golfer.

The Tri Tour is Triple Forged and CNC Milled to give you feel and consistency. And the sole has been contoured for ease of play through any turf condition.

Custom Built in House

Taylor Made Golf


Authorized Taylor Made Custom Fitter and Custom Builder of Taylor Made Golf Clubs.  You can be Custom Fit and have your Taylor Made Clubs Built in our Shop for the same price as off the internet. 



A radical departure from traditional driver-face design, Twist Face is engineered to take you farther and straighter… right down the center of the fairway.

Twist Face presents a revolutionary new face curvature with a corrective face angle on off-center hits, engineered to reduce side spin and deliver straighter shots. By providing more loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel, this groundbreaking technology produces more consistent side spin in the areas where golfers commonly mis-hit.


TaylorMade’s new Hammerhead slot creates a massive sweet spot that pushes the limit of ballspeed to produce distance and forgiveness across the entire face.

The reinforced outer portions of the slot allow for a lighter, more flexible face, while the center portion of the slot increases ballspeed on low-face strikes and drops spin for more distance. The result is a powerful and forgiving driver that delivers exceptional sound and feel.


The M3 driver features a new Y-Track, which offers two seamlessly movable weights, allowing golfers to adjust their settings for optimal trajectory, maximum forgiveness, or raw speed.

Simple and intuitive, the Y-Track delivers a completely connected track system for the first time, giving golfers unrestricted movement of 22g of mass (two 11g weights).

“From the creation of the first metalwood in 1979, TaylorMade has established a legacy of breaking from tradition to reach new thresholds of performance. In 2018, we have once again uncovered a new frontier of driving potential with Twist Face technology—a radical departure from traditional driver-face design, engineered to correct for inherent human swing tendencies in real-time, giving golfers a tangible competitive advantage. Combining our new Y-Track and Hammerhead Slot, the new M3 driver offers our most technologically advanced driver ever.”

Certified Charter Dealer

Fujikura Golf Shafts


As a Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer we carry the Complete Line of Fujikura Premium Shafts  

Custom Fitting Fujikura Premium Golf  Shafts to fit each golfer's unique swing characteristics!

We use Fujikura golf shafts in our Custom Fit, Custom Built in House Professionally Built:


        TOUR EDGE EXOTICS               KRANK  GOLF    VEGA


ORKA   AIR FORCE ONE by Power Built

FC-ONE by Swing Science

Fujikura Premium Golf Shafts



PRO " Patriot Edition "

ATMOS Tour Spec " Pariot Rdition "   

PRO 2.0  PRO 2.0 Tour Spec


Speeder Evolution Series

Speeder Evolution II

Speeder Evolution III

Speeder Evolution IV






Vista PRO


ATMOS Tour SpecHybrid

PRO 2.0 Hybrid

Viista PRO Hybrid

MCI Iron Shafts

PRO Iron Shaft

Vista PRO Iron Shaft

Now you can have your new Callaway Clubs Custom Fitted with after market shafts by ACCRA and Fujikura


The New Formula X EXTREME Driver is the best driver we have ever made.

   The New Formula X EXTREME Driver is the best driver we have ever made.  We have perfected everything from the combination of our super hardened beta titanium metals, our tri-sleeve adapter to the balance of your driver head for the most accurate hitting of any driver in the world.

Speed Injected! with Twist Face Technology!


Custom Fit and Custom Built in House to fit the unique swing characteristics of each individual golfer using shafts by ACCRA, Fujikura, True Temper, Project X HZRDUS and Hand Crafted.

Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer


Professional Clubfitter and Club Builder, Dick Cicero has successfully complete the  " Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer "  School in Vista CA to become a Certified Fujikura Charter Dealer!

Nitrogen Charged

Air Force One by Power Built

 Air Force One's mission statement is to make the game more enjoyable through our patented Nitrogen Charged Technology. Air Force One was born in America in 2009 and has achieved multiple consumer awards from major golf outlets such as MyGolfSpy and Golf Digest's Hotlist and is sold worldwide. Air Force One prides itself on its custom fitting and consumer guarantee,  ultimate consumer performance and satisfaction on the course. Air Force One provides one of the largest selections of OEM shaft choices and custom fitting options. 

Professionally Custom Fit and Custom Built in House

                 ALPHA GOLF Equipment           



We believe in true performance-based club designs.  What this means is innovation and engineering for the sole purpose of enhancing your performance on the course.  No fancy bells and whistles to distract from the goal.  In the case of golf club design, simple truly is better.  

With Alpha golf clubs, you'll find a handful of performance-based collections.  Each one built to enhance and optimize your distance, playability, accuracy, and feel.  

In addition to playing the most effective equipment for your performance goals, we believe it's paramount to work closely with your Alpha professional club fitter who can not only match your profile with the right clubs, but also perfectly tune your equipment according to your biophysical abilities and parameters.  The results of a professional fitting session will take your game to the next level.  To get the most out of your Alpha clubs, make sure to contact one of our acclaimed professional fitters today.

Tour Edge, Exotics by Tour Edge



HL4 irons incorporate an expanded undercut cavity to provide maximum forgiveness and consistent performance. Featuring advanced toe weighting, the soft 431 stainless steel design provides great accuracy and feel for players of all levels. The HL4's undercut cavity allows weight to be moved away from the face and into the sole for a higher MOI, launch angle, and enhanced forgiveness.

A notch hosel featured in the 3 through 7-irons removes weight from the heel and repositions it to the toe, elongating the sweet spot for unsurpassed forgiveness. The 8-iron through PW feature a more traditional set up designed to deliver exceptional feel and control on approach shots.


The Hot Launch HL4 hybrid features a 450 stainless steel head construction and a newly redesigned face that is thinner for a greater spring-like effect and added distance.

The forged maraging steel face features a low-profile design and incorporates variable face thickness technology to provide more contact points on the face that provide better distance, so miss-hits fly just like on-center strikes!  

The hybrid’s high-toe design produces an expanded sweet spot making it incredibly easy to hit from any lie.

A Power Channel on the sole behind the club face provides added power, and rear sole weighting moves the center of gravity back to create an easy launch that flies higher and longer.

VEGA GOLF Equipment



About 100 years ago the first golf course in Japan was built in Kobe. At that time there was no golf club production in Japan but coincidentally it was the area around Kobe which was famous for metal work, especially the forging of Samurai swords, a highly skilled traditional craft. These sword making skills have been passed down through generations of my family.

It was not long before it was realized that these same forging techniques could be readily adapted to create another precision instrument, the golf club. When one of these expert craftsmen returned from Kobe to his home town of Ichikawa the manufacture of the finest quality golf clubs was established here and Vega was born.

Vega has since worked tirelessly in pursuit of the perfect golf club. We were the first to produce forged cavity back irons and now have a diverse range. We are proud of our most talented craftsmen who start with raw material and go on to create fully finished works of art.

Japan is now probably the most technically advanced country in the world but yet retains its traditional values. It is these two extremes that are reflected in the Vega philosophy, a fusion of old and new. Our company still uses the traditional Samurai craftsmanship but also employs the most advanced and innovative finishing techniques in the world.

I invite you to experience for yourself the unique Vega concept. Be inspired by our design and hand craftsmanship. Be true to your stars. The reach for the perfect star, the pursuit of the perfect golf club continues at Vega.


Mizar Iron

The next generation of Vega irons.

A forged one piece main body made from soft s25c carbon steel coupled with a constant 3.5mm thick carpenters maraging face. Available in 4-A in right hand.

ORKA GOLF Equipment

ORKA Technology

ORKA Golf is a multi award winning, leading hardware brand for professional club building, club fitting and product design utilising innovative technologies.

Everything we make is custom fitted and built to your exact requirements by our network of professional custom clubmakers and club fitters.

We have fitting centres all over the world, and are continually growing as the golfing world becomes more aware of true custom fitting and what it means to have your clubs custom built for you.

We believe that custom fitting is beneficial for every golfer, not just better players. In fact it is often more beneficial to a higher handicapper as we can make more difference to their game.

In an age when we can customize so much, buying a set of clubs off the rack and hoping they work is a sure way to add frustration to your game and a hole in your wallet. That’s why we don’t hold stock anywhere in the world. We don’t want your fitting to be compromised, we want your clubs to be exactly right for you. You should be able to decide your set make up, maybe you need more hybrids or more wedges. Our open stock policy means you can have exactly the right set for you and your game.

Tom Wishon Golf Technologies

tom wishon golf technologies


About Wishon Golf

Wishon Golf is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design and technology. Our original, high performance designs are available only custom fit to each individual golfer, through professional custom Clubmakers world wide.   

Custom Fit, Custom Built Sterling Single Length Irons

Pin High Enterprises custom fits & custom builds golf equipment for golfers of all skill levels





The history of ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts has accompanied that of the most innovative sector of the golf industry. ACCRA Golf shaft sales has experienced significant growth in each of the past seven years, becoming one of the most successful launches of a new shaft brand ever.

ACCRA Golf is a division of Premium Golf Management Co. (PGMC) and is involved in the design, development, production and marketing of premium golf shafts destined specifically for the high end aftermarket segment.

ACCRA Golf focuses on the high-end segments characterized by elevated technological contents and high performance.

Drawing on its technological expertise, PGMC has consolidated working relationships with the world’s leading professional Club Fitters; partnerships have translated into ACCRA becoming a leader in providing the golfing public with the best custom fit shafts on the market.