Taylor Made Golf Clubs Professionally Custom Fit and Built In House to fit each Individual Golfer's Unique Swing Characteristics golf equipment taylormade golf

All golfers from beginners just taking up the wonderful game of Golf, High Handicap golfers, Mid Handicap, Low Handicap to Touring Professionals SHOULD be Custom Fit!

Flight Scope Launch Monitor

Our Custom Fittings are conducted outdoors in our covered hitting bay, off of grass and in our sand bunker.

A Custom Fitting may take from two to four hours.

A Custom Fitting begins with a Fitting Form and consultation, moving to present set of clubs evaluation.  We check Loft, Lie Angle, Club Length, Overall club weight, Grip wear and size, Swingweight, Club Face Wear, Sole Wear and Shaft Frequency.

Outdoors on our private Fitting / Driving Range, we use Flight Scope Launch Monitor, Fit Chip, Actual Ball Flight, and Video Swing Analysis.  

Balls are struck with present 7 iron and driver.  Test club are used with various shaft combinations, various heads to determine which head design, shaft, grip size, swingweight, MOI and shaft Frequency will allow the golfer to play to the utmost of their physical ability.  The Flight Scope, Fit Chip, Video Analysis Data is put together, yielding information needed to build a prototype club is built for final Loft, Lie, MOI adjustments are performed to give the golfer a true feel of what the new clubs will be like.  

Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center

taylormade golf True Temper Performance Fitting Centers are an elite network of certified professionals who provide excellence in golf retail and custom fitting. 

Educated and trained by True Temper's  world renowned engineers, Performance Fitting Centers are knowledgeable about True Temper's proprietary technologies and how they can improve each golfer's game.  Performance Fitting Centers offer True Temper's line of catalog products in addition to products exclusive to Performance Fitting Centers. golf equipment Taylor Made Golf Clubs Professionally Custom Fit and Professionally Custom Built In House to fit each Individual Golfer's  Unique Swing Characteristics 

True Temper

ACCRA Golf Shafts

ACCRA Learning Center ACCRA -U is a place for the world's best professional clubfitters and builders to gain a greater understanding of the entire line of ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts.

All ACCRA clubfitters and builders must complete this program to be considered certified clubfitters. ACCRA welcomes discerning golfers of all levels that want to learn more about ACCRA to complete level of ACCRA-U as well.

ACCRA trusts only the world's best to fit our shafts and each these clubfitters and builders has already proven themselves to be a leader in this industry.  ACCRA-U is an educational tool to improve awareness for our product line and philosophies.  All whom complete ACCRA-U and currently fit and build clubs at an authorized fitting studio will receive a completion certificate.  Certified ACCRA clubfitters and builders will be recognized on our website and face book page after ACCRA-U completion.